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What Is The Sign-Up Process?
Can I Skip the Form And Only Use The Chat?
  • If you complete the Get Started form it will give you a discount code. The chat is useful for members and prospects seeking answers to questions.
  • You are not obligated to buy, order, or download any additional content, product, or services from 1303management.com.
What Happens After That?
Can You Set Up My Site And Let Me Manage It?
What Happens After I Order?
  • Complete the Website Set Up form on the MyAccount page so we can order the right products and services.
  • We reserve the right to refund you 100% of your payment if your online brand conflicts with our core values.
When Will My Site Be Online?
  • All sales are final so make sure you’re ordering with accuracy.
  • The Founder and The Executive are set up within 72 business hours. Select Same Day Service to get it set up setup within 24 business hours.

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