What We Need To Get Started

      • Access to where your domain name is located including the username and password.
      • Access to your hosting account including username and password.
      • For you to reply to any and all emails regarding recovering your site.
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1303management.com Help Recover, Update, and Consult On Hacked, Offline, or Error-Filled WordPress Websites!

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We can advise you on the best security measures to implement ensuring downtime is reduced to a minimum

If We Can’t Recover Your Site

    • Your files may be corrupted and it’s not safe to save that code to recover your website.
    • Corrupted files may contain threats that will take down your site once we recover it.
1303managment.com | Website Recovery Solutions


      • Start from scratch with a new, more secure technical foundation and rebuild your site.
      • Implement strong security strategies.
      • Set up email alerts to inform you of threats.
      • Manage your website, ensuring stability and technical support 24/7

We can save non-corrupted files, test them, and see if they can be used with your new website build.

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